9 Yards Developers


Karma developers





Visual identity

From the ground up
The whole 9 yards- that is the namesake behind for the Real Estate Developers who provide their clients with just that- The whole 9 yards. The identity was made to look high end and consistent and the nomenclature was done just that it can be carried over to all their projects with the identity..

Logo Symbol

The symbolic logo is made such that the initial ‘9’ is formed in the negative space that the overall letter ‘Y’ creates. It is deliberately made to look like a trophy to have the psychological effect of it being a place for winners. The overall composition of the letter ‘Y’ is also made with the same element used in the textual logo and used as the visual identity.

Textual logo

The textual logo is made with Bold Serif fonts that create the luxurious and classic mood. The letters have been stripped down to the minimum to bring home the minimalistic aspect.

Visual Pattern Identity


The colors reinstate the luxurious mood with warm tones that give the familiar and homely feeling. Co relating with tones of wood, leather and metallic rose gold- it fits perfectly with the nature of business.

The visual identity is as simple as it can get. It is the very element that makes the textual and symbolic and ties everything together beautifully. The simplicity itself makes it flexible enough to be used in numerous ways according to the requirements.