Le Bisou Patisserie









Visual identity

coup de foudre
Coup de foudre means love at first sight. Since LeBisou was branded to be the best depiction of love, and fondness, its entire visual identity revolved around the same idea; of making people fall in love, with everything, from its ambiance, to its food and also its packaging.

Textual logo

‘Le Bisou’ means ‘The kiss’ and the logo needed to visualize the sensuality of the word itself. With curves of the fonts, it attracts the viewers in just the right way.

The overall logo design was made to look classy and elegant using the curves and appropriate fonts; the design was crafted in a way that it would symbolize all the exquisite French desserts, at one place, through the actual dessert stand that they used, to serve dessert.

Logo Symbol

Visual Pattern Identity

The Pattern identity of the brand was made to give off a classy luxurious feel, along with depicting all the food elements, nestled in a specific pattern which was itself made out of French food items, such as baguettes.


Icons for the brand were kept cute and attractive, so that they could be used in multiple places to show the different kind of dishes that LeBisou Patisserie served at their café.


The colors that would represent the brand had to be picked out from a more elegant side of the palette, making the brand look rich and premium. Here, the contrast between the primary colors, emerald and blush complement each other perfectly, giving off the perfect tone to LeBisou


LeBisou meaning, The Kiss, in French, was a brand made to make people fall in love with its vibe, radiating the feel of a French Patisserie, right in the heart of the city. The branding for Lebisou was intricately crafted to portray across, the correct sentiment in the correct manner, and the ambiance, packaging, menu cards, photography,  etc was all done under the same pattern, keeping it visually pleasing and eye catching.

Visiting Cards

Dessert Packaging

The design here began at the shape of the visiting cards, which were unique, in a way that they resembled with the brand logo. The card was aesthetically painted in a solid background color with rose gold detailing, to make the card worth remembering and even worth saving for a long time.

The packaging design was a unique circular box with the cute brand elements on it, making it look eye pleasing and giving it a classy, elegant vibe, so to resemble the overall brand. The idea for the packaging was to make it, not only eye pleasing, but also memorable and impactful as an influential asset of the brand

The menu was kept minimal and classy which matched the overall theme of the brand. The listing of items inside was done creatively, by not only walking the customer through the correct pronunciation of the dishes, but also giving them a quick description on what the dish consists of.

Menu Design


The photography for LeBisou was done in a way that it crafted an experience for its audience, where it portrayed the vibe of France through the elegant interior of the patisserie, its delicious desserts, and the variety of French cuisines; while keeping the base idea of the brand, that of love and exclusivity, alive through its photographs on digital platforms.

Social Media

Marketing something that has an exclusive audience is not as easy as it sounds, so we put on our thinking hats and dove deeper into how best could the concept of having a little piece of France, right around the corner in the busiest area of Ahmedabad, be put across, to get the maximum eye-balls of their exact target audience. Putting together psychologically driven marketing techniques and our ideas of strategically creating a brand out of what was ‘just another dessert shop’ for the people in Ahmedabad, helped us reach the desired results in less than a month
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