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Visual identity

The visual identity is made keeping in mind the purpose of the brand- that is to build for a future. The cues taken from the existing logo are taken into consideration as well keeping the history and legacy of brand that is created in the market since a very long time.

Logo Symbol

The new identity is derived from the existing logo but made modern and more versatile to be used in the upcoming marketing campaigns and keeping up with the industry standards. It has been simplified to the barest minimum keeping in mind the future usage of the logo but still carries the same genes as the existing logo. It has been made such that the negative space itself creates a 3D effect for the logo.

Textual logo

The main textual logo carries forward the Long narrow text format from the previous version but the type of font is a serif font to bring that premium and classy feel to the whole brand, Also, the letter spacing has been modified for better readability and clear vision for the branding.

Logo stacking

The stacking options give a very grand and distinct look to the whole identity keeping in mind the industry that Satyam would be catering too.

Visual  Identity


The primary color is Blue which is toned down to make more subtle that appeals to the class of audience that Satyam would be looking fro. The beige/gold and white would perfectly compliment the primary color.

The different geometric elements from the logo itself can be taken to form architectural and structural patterns and combinations that are interesting to look at and draw the audience’s attention. The shapes of the logo also give us great flexibility to use the identity in multiple ways.