Visual identity

ACES of spaces
The visual identity of Graphite Dust Design Beaureu was created in a way that it defines the premium feel that the brand delivers in every project. The design language for GDDB was created to showcase its experience in the architecture industy and put on display a high-class image and knowledge of the field

Logo Symbol

The Symbol is a continuous series of letters that are put together to look like a floor pla, depicting the archtiectural concept of cretating spaces within spaces that are unique in its own way, which transformed into this new identity. The three  complete elements within the GDDB logo symbol, depict the spaces that are created within bigger spaces, in a plan view of an architectural space

Textual logo

The main textual logo carries forward the Long narrow text format from the previous version but the type of font is a serif font to bring that premium and classy feel to the whole brand, Also, the letter spacing has been modified for better readability and clear vision for the branding.

Logo stacking

The stacking options give a very grand and distinct look to the whole identity keeping in mind the industry that Satyam would be catering too.

Visual  Identity


The primary color is Blue which is toned down to make more subtle that appeals to the class of audience that Satyam would be looking fro. The beige/gold and white would perfectly compliment the primary color.

The different geometric elements from the logo itself can be taken to form architectural and structural patterns and combinations that are interesting to look at and draw the audience’s attention. The shapes of the logo also give us great flexibility to use the identity in multiple ways.