Best Buds 


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Best Buds Vet

Visual identity

A pawsome place to be
Bestbuds vet is Gujarat's biggest pet hospital and an NGO that provides services ranging from spa to surgery, so to perfectly put their brand across, we worked with elements shaped like faces, tails and ears of cats and dogs, making it cute and also distinct from the competition

Created with a pure intention of building an affordable, approachable and welcoming space for your pets, Bestbuds is Gujarat's biggest pet hospital, with best in class technology, new age equipment and experienced doctors.

The services that are provided at BestBuds range from a luxurious pet spa and it also houses modern machines for surgery of every kind, helping save animals from a wide range of diseases and problems, that they face in their day-to-day life or come across due to age or habitat.

Visual identity



A woof woof here and a woof woof there
The branding and collateral design for BestBuds was done keeping in mind the nature of their business and the brand's personality, so to match with both, the brand colors were picked to be vibrant and the collaterals had cut outs in the shape of the visual identity to maintain consistency

Visiting Card

The visiting card of Betsbuds was designed in a way that it has a fun pet friendly feel to it, making it eye catching by including the elements of the visual identity.

Letter Heads

Letterheads for bestbuds were made in a light theme, taking blue from their brand colors and also using the elements from the visual identity such as the dogs face and ear portion, keeping the overall look very appealing and eye catching.

File Design

The files for Bestbuds had to be designed to be loud and represent the brand visually since there was no text that was required for the design. Hence, the file design was made using the two primary colors of the brand and its visual identity elements, paired with their logo

Social Media

Post designs / campaigns